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Call for Cool First Cars!

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Ah, your first car. The subject of countless pop songs (although "Baby, You Can Drive My Car" was probably about something else) and embarrassing high school memories.

Pine Tree Commercial Realty’s Graham Grochocinski tells us his first car (shared with his brother) was a used ’98 Chevy Cavalier convertible, above, with a horribly leaky roof. “Here I thought I was going to be a regular chick-magnet with a convertible, but instead I drove around in a white bird poop magnet.” On the bright side, Graham’s then-girlfriend endured countless road trips and dates with a wet towel on her lap, thanks to the leaky roof, through high school and college, and today they’re happily married (with no more wet towels). At work, Pine Tree just added Neeka Armstrong and Meredith Kramer to its omnichannel marketing team and recently acquired a 142k SF regional shopping center in Asheville, NC.


Here’s your Chicago reporter in her first car back in high school. It was a '96 Pontiac Grand Prix and a hand-me-down from her older brother (who actually bought it used, spoiler and all, from a surprisingly trendy elderly woman). She wishes she could say her memories involve drag racing or re-creating Ferris Bueller scenes. In reality, they’re more like driving away with her flute on top of the car, getting called to the dean for parking in the faculty lot, and writing dorky notes to her friends on the windows with magic marker.

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