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Bisnow Fantasy Football Week 3 Recap

Chicago Other

Bear CC 80, MACK Cos 77:

Bear CC: “The matchup with Mack Cos came down to Monday night and if the Bears defense would show up. The defense did enough for the Bears to get the win but came up just short for Mack Cos.”

*MACK Cos: Three points from QB Matthew Stafford did little to help MACK. They're hoping Calvin Johnson stays healthy and the Detroit duo puts up big points going forward.

Morningside Group 101, Team HSA Commercial 70:

Morningside Group: "Morningside finally prevailed with a win in Week 3. With a strong performance by RB Marshawn Lynch and QB Colin Kaepernick, we were well poised in this round. But it was a strong push from WRs Dez Bryant and Victor Cruz that helped us push past opponent Team HSA Commercial. Morningside is ready to ride this win into a strong Week 4."

Team HSA Commercial: “With Arian Foster (above) ruled out at the last minute last week, we knew that we didn't stand much of a chance. With a lot of our players on bye weeks this time around, we are going to have to get creative to stay competitive."

Team Kudan Group 105, Team Kiser Group 101:

Team Kudan Group: “Much like the Bears, Kudan Group is on a roll heading into Week 4. With no Packers on our roster, we are free to root for the blue and orange to have cheese fondue for lunch Sunday. Go Bears!!"
Team Kiser Group: “Kiser Group Record: 0-3. Kiser Group Points Scored: 2nd in league. Kiser Group Points Allowed: 1st in league. #fufantasyfootball


Team Bisnow 79, Team JLL 74:

Team Bisnow: “It’s a Rosh Hashanah miracle!”

*Team JLL: Peyton Manning's 20 points were unfortunately not enough, but JLL's impressive comeback from a hugely disappointing Week 2 should not be overlooked.

Zeller Realty Group 83, Bradford Allen 62:

Zeller Realty Group: "We don’t consider Week 3 much of a victory considering we played against Bradford Allen’s practice squad. No wait….those were their starters."

Bradford Allen: "We took a major step back last week. Eddy Lacy's (above) sophomore slump of a year is dragging the team down. We would like to announce we are open to trading anyone other than Drew Brees and Dan Bailey."

Team Mid-America 103, Chi Apt Finders 61:

*Team Mid-America: This one was a real blowout, and Mid-Am can thank stellar performances from Matt Ryan, Rashad Jennings, and Antonio Brown. This was a major reality check for the confident Chi Apt Finders squad.

Chi Apt Finders: “Okay, so you learned that we are not bulletproof. But let's be honest, if we won every week this would be no fun.”

*Recap written by Bisnow editorial