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Bisnow Fantasy Football: Week 2 Recap

Chicago Other

Bradford Allen 104, Team Bisnow 59:

Bradford Allen: “Great win against Bisnow! Dan Bailey really backed up his guaranteed win by putting up 19 points on the bench for us (there’s talk of him starting next week). LeSean McCoy (above), I mean Darren Sproles, lead our team in points with another great performance.

Team Bisnow: “Bisnow would like to publicly announce it is open to trade proposals.”

Zeller Realty Group 92, Team Mid-America 50:

Zeller Realty Group: “Zeller Realty Group played the role of Nostradamus this week; trading away Adrian Peterson just before he was deactivated. (Leaving Chicago Apartment Finders searching for help at the running back position.) ZRG’s most recent acquisition, Chicago’s Brandon Marshall, led the way to their impressive 42-point victory over Mid-America in Week 2.”

Team Mid-America: “It was a terrible week for Mid-America on the Fantasy Field. With only one performer in double digits and less than half the points of Week 1, it is hard to put up a fight. We were humbled, but we’re ready to bounce back this week!”

Team Kudan Group 104, Morningside Group 85:

Team Kudan Group: "Team Kudan Group kept up their winning ways behind the solid play of Andrew Luck, however, we are upset at the loss of the Bears' Charles Tillman for the season. We intend to Peanut Punch our Week 3 opponent in his honor. Go Bears!"

Morningside Group: "It was another tough loss for Morningside Group in Week 2. A last minute decision which put A. Gates (27pts) and E. Decker (11pts) on the bench was the big difference. Morningside Group will look to build on solid Week 2 performances from D. Bryant and the Arizona Defense heading into Week 3."


Team HSA Commercial 86, MACK Cos 61:

Team HSA Commercial: “"We bounced back more than Jay Cutler (above) in Week 2 after a couple of much needed roster moves and a stellar game from Arian Foster. With Wes Welker back this week, our hopes are high about the next couple games."

MACK Companies: “After sleeping through the injury report last week, MACK put a big fat zero on the board by starting AJ Green. After a long needed rest, MACK is ready to get back on track with an underdog victory against Bear CC.”

Chi Apt Finders 92, Team JLL 51:

Chi Apt Finders: "AP ASchmee! We don't need him. 2-0 in my book is a good start. Can't win 'em all if we don't win the first two. Good luck with the dethroning plans."

Team JLL: “No comment.”

Bear CC 93, Team Kiser Group 91:

Bear CC: “Bear CC’s matchup against The Kiser Group was a story of kickers. Bear CC’s kicker Nick Freese scored negative points for the week and the matchup came down to the Monday night game where Adam Vinatieri needed to score 13 points to get The Kiser Group the win but ultimately came up a couple points shy. Bear CC just barely pulled out the win.”

Team Kiser Group: "Good rule of thumb... if you're depending on your kicker to get you 12 pts going into Monday night, you're probably not going to win. Needless to say, Team Kiser came within a hair of notching their first victory of the year. While others may panic, Team Kiser has the league just where they want them. Week 3 is Kiser's!"