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How This Partnership Helps Hospitals Battle The Snow So They Can Focus On Patients


The Windy City is set to receive nearly 46 inches of snowfall between now and the spring, according to a recent report from WeatherCommand. That's approximately 10 inches more than what is considered normal for Chicago, and businesses and properties will need to deal with the onslaught. 

That can be particularly challenging for hospitals, which must maintain operations, but their level of inconvenience can be substantially mitigated if they partner with the right team. 

"For each winter season, we anticipate heavy snowfall and blizzard conditions,” University of Chicago Hospital manager of real estate operations Doug Daudell tells Bisnow. "I work closely with Beverly Snow & Ice to develop procedures in advance of the storms to effectively combat winter weather. We work with them and adapt to weather conditions as they develop."

"Beverly has been a true partner in keeping the hospital open and accessible through some of the biggest snow/ice storms we have ever experienced,” he says. "We rely on their expertise in snow and ice removal and their excellent service responding to our needs.”

Mid-Con Hospitality Group corporate facilities director Jeff Doane, who works with Tinley Park Convention Center, agrees. 

“We hired Beverly so we do not have to worry about the amount of snow we get each year," Jeff says. "Beverly has serviced our four properties for the last seven years and we couldn’t be happier. They have the manpower and the equipment to handle any snow event.  Their staff is easily accessible and responsive.”

"We focus on KPI,” Beverly's owner, Jim Esposito, tells Bisnow. He has been at the helm of Beverly since 1999. “For each client we ensure that we address their unique key performance indicators.” 

Jim tells us every client has different needs and different priorities when it comes to clearing snow. Some want to have their property serviced between certain dates regardless of whether or not the accumulation is a blizzard or just a dusting. Others only want Beverly to deploy its fleet if the snowfall is significant. 

Despite the customized approach, Beverly sticks to a simple invoicing system to make sure that the approach is seamless.

“When a storm is on the horizon, we send out emails prior to the storm, letting our clients who are slated to receive service know that we are on the way,” Jim says. “We also notify them when we dispatch our fleet and what our schedule is."

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