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10 Major Mayors Scrubbing Their Buildings

Chicago Office

Yesterday, the Natural Resources Defense Council, Institute for Market Transformation, former NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg (above), and several current mayors (including our own Mayor Emanuel, below) announced the City Energy Project. The goal, according to NRDC president Frances Beinecke: cut pollution, create jobs, and save money by sharing ideas (many mayors during the press call promised to gleefully steal from each other). Ultimately, the plan is to reduce carbon emissions from commercial buildings by seven million tons/year (that's the output of one million homes) and spread the gospel on best practices with suburbs and other cities.


The 10 cities that joined forces are Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Kansas City, LA, Orlando, Philadelphia, and Salt Lake City. Bloomberg says his city is the opposite of most US cities, emitting most greenhouse gases (75% to 80%) from buildings rather than transportation. Still, half the 5,000 landlords have converted from the super dirty No. 6 heating oil to cleaner fuel, and carbon emissions from buildings are down 19%. The City expects the PlaNYC sustainability efforts to save $7B in the next two years. Where do you think Chicago stands in the fight against climate change and how can the commercial real estate community do more? Tell