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Latest KIG Video Shows Who’s Pushing Their Chips to the Center

Chicago may have Todd Frazier and Kris Bryant smacking homers, but as this video shows, the Midwest’s real heavy hitters have been three domestic financial hubs.

Since 2012, New York ($3.94B), California ($2.51B) and Texas ($1.77B) have led the charge of non-local investors dedicating funds to the multifamily sector of the Midwest.

KIG managing partner Todd Stofflet tells Bisnow that from January 2012 to May 2016, an average of $253.5M in capital flowed into the Midwest per month. That's $8.3M a day.

KIG financial analyst Dan Gonzalez says tempered expectations in other cities helped spark interest in Mid-American hubs, with about 60% of the $22.2B invested into the Midwest since 2012 coming from non-local investors chasing higher yield opportunities. 

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