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Cards Against Humanity Buying Land For Eminent Domain Challenge To Trump’s Border Wall

Chicago Land

The creators of the party card game Cards Against Humanity are standing between President Donald Trump and his campaign promise to build the Wall to End All Walls along the U.S.-Mexico border. Cards Against Humanity announced its latest holiday promotion on Tuesday, and it blends land ownership and politics.

In its "Cards Against Humanity Saves America" promotion, the Chicago-based company is sending buyers "six America-saving surprises right to your doorstep." One of those gifts is ownership in a parcel of land along the border, and CAH said it hired an attorney to fight any government challenges to acquire the land via eminent domain. By Wednesday, CAH's run of 150,000 slots for the promotion sold out, at $15 per pop.

This is not the first time CAH has used real estate as part of a holiday promotion. In 2014, the company bought Birch Island, a six-acre island in Maine, for $200K, renamed it "Hawaii 2" and sent certificates to 250,000 buyers of that year's holiday promotion granting them "exclusive" rights to one square foot of the island. Two years ago, CAH bought an Irish castle, rechristened it "Castle Sensible" and offered buyers of the holiday promotion 15 minutes as "King of Castle Sensible." Last year, CAH raised over $100K from people, who paid to watch a livestream of a backhoe digging a giant hole somewhere in the U.S.

Cards Against Humanity has a long-standing relationship with CBRE Senior Vice President Dan Lyne regarding real estate matters, but a CBRE rep said the firm was not involved in CAH's latest purchase.