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Bear Construction Bringing Amenities To This Iconic Building


Bear Construction Co is partially to thank for the increase in amenities coming to traditional office buildings in Chicago over the past several years. EVP Scott Kurinsky sat down with Bisnow to discuss the coveted amenity floor it's installing in the historic 1 North LaSalle.

 “Amenities have become a bit of a race,” Scott tells us. “Everybody is keeping up with the Joneses. Everybody is upping the ante and you don’t want to be the one that stayed behind.”

1 North LaSalle certainly won’t be bringing up the rear. ONL Properties commissioned an amenity floor on the 25th level that will help attract tenants who want their employees to feel comfortable during work hours.


Scott tells us the new layout will include a fitness center, a roof deck, a tenant lounge and an expansive conference space. The goal is to provide a useful and pleasant social environment for tenants to congregate and to encourage tenant/management interaction, Scott says.

"The roof deck helps the property set apart from its competitors,” he tells us. “A lot of buildings don’t have the capability to expand outwards like that. They’re making it user-friendly. It’s not ostentatious, it’s very classy. It fits the building’s character." 

Scott says it was an absolute pleasure to work with ONL on this endeavor and that its vision and commitment to efficiency allowed the project to move swiftly.

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