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He Did It! Our Chicago Reporter Survived The Hancock Center's Stairwells


The Day of Reckoning has passed and our Chicago reporter, Chuck Sudo, was found worthy. Chuck climbed the John Hancock Center's 1,236 steps yesterday as part of Hustle up the Hancock, the annual event that raises funds for the Respiratory Health Association's educational and lobbying efforts to fight lung diseases. Chuck (second from right) finished the full climb in 27 minutes, 57 seconds, well ahead of his target time of 30 minutes. In fact, all of his Team Dread a Stair teammates finished their climbs ahead of their targets and, most importantly, were able to breathe freely afterward. Chuck even got to enjoy a well-deserved shot of rye on the Hancock Center's observation deck.


Here's Chuck with his teammates looking west across the city after the climb. Team Dread a Stair raised $2,095, and Chuck raked in the most funds with $400. Now he has goals to beat for next year's climb.