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Saudi Supertall Designed by Smith + Gill


Fans of supertalls know that the projects in Dubai and Saudi Arabia are breaking height records with each delivery. The developers behind Jeddah Tower (formerly Kingdom Tower) are flirting with breaking the one-kilometer mark, which would put Chicago-based architects Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill in the record books. Saudi government-backed development companies are putting skin into Jeddah Tower, according to the Tribune. At a proposed 3,820 feet, it would be 550 feet taller than the current record holder, Dubai's Burj Khalifa, and more than twice as tall as the Empire State Building.


Smith, who led the Burj Khalifa design team while he was at Skidmore, Ownings & Merrill, confirmed his firm designed Jeddah tower, which is under construction with 26 stories completed. Jeddah Tower has been rumored to be in development for a decade, but with Jeddah Economic Co and Alinma Investment pledging $1.2B to the project, the 200-story skyscraper is inching closer to becoming reality. An observation deck (shown) is planned for the 157th floor. Saudi officials hope Jeddah Tower will kick-start real estate development in the kingdom. [Trib]