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Equity International's Gary Garrabrant

At its monthly luncheon, Young Real Estate Professionals turned to Equity International's  Gary Garrabrant for advice. He says Equity'sinvestors have enjoyed threefold ROI since the company was founded in 1981. Its now building its fifth fund, which it will continue to invest in emerging markets: Its BR Malls is the largest mall owner in Brazil (where there's little competition from local retailers); it has a large industrial presence in China; and it's exploring opportunities in India and Russia. All with just 40 Chicago-based employees (but Sam Zell as a founding member). Equity has invested in everything from small home-building businesses in Mexico to Central Asian office buildings. Gary says one key has been taking its time closing on an investment, working 1-2 years with overseas partners to make sure the asset will be managed properly.

Hotel Source's Seth Glickman and Syndicated Equities' Isaac Metzger
We snapped Hotel Source's Seth Glickman and Syndicated Equities' Isaac Metzger at DePaul after the luncheon. Isaac is in the process of closing on a new office building in Northbrook.