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YAF; MRSA's Smartbook; Quarterly Reports

YAF;  MRSA's Smartbook; Quarterly Reports
Yesterday brought out the behind-the-sceners, at Young Architects Forum's monthly happy hour and as MRSA showcased its new creation, the smartBook, to new markets.
Demonica Kemper Architects' Peter Eliopoulos, Goettsch Partners Jenson Varghese, and STR Partners LLC's Lisa Krichilsky on the roof
One beer remaining!? No need to worry. Architects can just redesign the cup, Gehry-style, to have three equitable chambers and spouts. At AIA's YAF?s First Tuesdays happy hour at Rock Bottom in River North, we snapped Demonica Kemper Architects' Peter Eliopoulos, Goettsch Partners Jenson Varghese,  and STR Partners LLC's Lisa Krichilsky. Lisa tells us STR is in a collaborative with NIA on a LEED-Silver high school on the Southwest Side that will include a green roof. Jenson is helping design a hotel in Saudi Arabia.
Eric Barnes and independent architect Abraham Rodriguez flanking One 80's Justin G. Roy
Independent designer Eric Barnes and independent architect Abraham Rodriguez flanking One 80's Justin G. Roy, who is working on teaching real estate professionals to be thought leaders in social networking. Abraham is doing a contest entry for a sustainable, affordable housing development. Unlike our grade school experience, these gents were making fun of all the young?uns NOT wearing glasses.