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Westward Ho!

Westward Ho!
Clark Street Development's Fritz Duda joined NAI Hiffman's Joe Geisel and Dennis Hiffman at NAI Hiffman's breakfast at the Rosewood

The plan to connect I-355 (and thus the western suburbs) to O'Hare has been on the minds of IDOT professionals since the '60s, but proposals are finally in place to make it happen. Clark Street Development's Fritz Duda joined NAI Hiffman's Joe Geisel  and Dennis Hiffman at NAI Hiffman's breakfast at the Rosewood yesterday to explain the proposals. Fritz is hoping the expansion will create new opportunities for retail.

IDOT's Peter Hesmet and NAI Hiffman's Adam Marshall at NAI Hiffman's breakfast at the Rosewood

IDOT's Peter Hesmet and NAI Hiffman's Adam Marshall presented, and Peter said 60 industrial properties could be displaced by the project, if it has the political will and funding to be accomplished. The good news: it would provide new interchanges to bring business parks in Franklin Park  and  Bensenville closer to the I-90 corridor.