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If the economy holds, Downtown Chicago's office market is going to have a decent leasing year, Telos Group founder Brian Whiting tells us. He believes in the market's prospects so much, in fact, that he formed Telos last month to pursue agency leasing in the market. (Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets preparation and they've been introduced by Brian Whiting.)
Joy Jordan, Jack O'Brien, Brian Whiting, Matt Pistorio
With the acceleration of leasing, the time is ripe to venture into the market (leasing, like a nice souffle, is all about timing), Brian says, pictured here with Telos execs Joy Jordan, Jack O'Brien and Matt Pistorio (Brian's the one with glasses). Demand for space is up but not so vigorously that buildings don't need expert assistance to get tenants to ink deals. Telos started with 6.5M SF of leasing assignments in place and handles both Class-A and older buildings. Brian explains that many of his clients own properties with large blocks of space—that is, they're properties that need to build or rebuild a brand, and want to communicate that brand to the market. The new owner of the Civic Opera Building, for example, has hired Telos to do exactly that.
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