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Transwestern Adds a Shade of Green

Transwestern Adds a Shade of Green
Transwestern's Jim Runyon
As Colombia looks to adopt its own green building standards, Transwestern hosted a few of its clients from the South American nation on a tour of green buildings in Chicago. Here Transwestern's Jim Runyon shows off the green roof at the CTA Headquarters in the West Loop. CTA finished the 400k SF  building in 2004, choosing a site closer to public transit (makes sense) and creating the  four-inch-deep expanded plastic roof. It was the first building to be LEED certified under the current rating system in Chicago.
JF McKinney's Wendy Katz
And here's one of Chicago's newest LEED buildings: 300 N. LaSalle, where JF McKinney's Wendy Katz shows us how it uses water from the Chicago River to cool its pipes, eliminating the need for chillers once the water is below 43 degrees. They also use UV light in the HVAC system to reduce air contaminants in the building. The building's 50% green roof  and motion-sensor lighting also reduce energy usage. If Colombia's going to take all our good ideas, we expect to see the Amazon River turned green for St. Patrick's Day. Pardon us, El Dia de San Patricio.