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Transwestern 2016

Transwestern 2016

The Olympics would be nice (results tomorrow), but yesterday Transwestern was already partying like it's 2015. A strong supporter of the bid, TW hosted its own Games at its Madison St offices.

Ron Lakin, here with John Herbst, playing bags at Transwestern's offices

When bags becomes an Olympic sport, Ron Lakin, here with John Herbst looking on, can win a gold. Transwestern's Bob Klinger said the Games would be a collateral business—people in all fields would profit, creating more for everyone.

David Lapins, Rob Bagguely, Mark Robbins and Tim McChesney

David LapinsRob BagguelyMark Robbins and Tim McChesney would like to note that the time stamp on this photo is after 5:00pm. Rob says no one really knows how great Chicago is until they visit, so bringing thousands for the Games would show our world-class qualities. He's also hoping infrastructure and investment in the city will help commercial real estate.

Elke Quade winning Transwestern's hula hoop contest

Elke Quade won the hula hoop contest dressed as a Greek Goddess. That's getting into the Olympic spirit!