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The Science of Sound Sleep

The Science of Sound Sleep
Serta R&D, Rich Parker
Serta's Rich Parker gave members of IFMA-Northern Illinois a tour of the company's research and development facilities in  Hoffman Estates  at IFMA's monthly meeting on Tuesday night. The building, designed by Epstein's Andrew Mettler, has won awards for its innovative design. Interlocking plate glass windows make the warehouse area light enough that overhead lighting isn't used almost at all during the day, Rich says. The concrete floors were built to support giant sewing machines that stitch the sides and top to the mattresses.
Serta R&D center
The V-shaped building was designed to look like it was floating over the prairie. Design elements include heated sidewalks that don't have to be shoveled in the winter and prairie grass-covered fire lanes  that allow fire trucks to come closer to the showroom without disturbing the landscaping. Serta is hoping the  hotel business  will pick up, since hospitality used to be its biggest customer.