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The Good and the Uncertain

The Good and the Uncertain
KPMG's Ray Milnes
That was the theme of KPMG's Ray Milnes' speech at yesterday'sCCIM luncheon at the Oak Brook Maggiano's. Ray says the good news is this recession wasn't caused by commercial real estate overbuilding, so our sector should recover more easily. Banks are returning to relationship lending, so those who kept one on their side are in luck. Unfortunately, uncertainty about job growth remains, especially with the Illinois income-tax increase. But Illinois still hasmore opportunities for growth than Indiana or Iowa, Ray says.
Chris Wood  and Zach Pruitt
They may have just changed their company's name, but UGL Services Chris Wood and Zach Pruitt are already optimistic about 2011. UGL's fiscal quarter-end stats have them on track for a record-breaking year, especially with the recent sale of the Alcatel-Lucent campus to Navistar and a contract with Humana. The new name brings together UGL, Equis, and Unicco, which have operated as one company for several quarters.
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