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Tech Companies Make Their Demands

Tech Companies Make Their Demands
Given that every business relies on IT to function, all companies are tech companies now, says JLL managing director Jack Keenan. You'll hear more about what tech and other companies want in their offices now and down the road at Bisnow’s Chicago Tech Summit/Office of the Future Aug. 22 (That is if you register here!)
JLL Managing Director Jack Keenan,
The office programmer and engineer, who 10 years ago was given an office-slash-closet, is now a prized resource whose workplace preferences are represented by a chief technology officer. The CTO helps choose the office location, interior design, and the overall corporate image that the space projects, Jack explains. Usually, tech and young startup companies want to be near mass transit and don't insist on a building with tight security. If someone can work all day wearing head phones and walking on treadmill, all the better.
Reznick (Industrial) MCHI