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Mike Fascitelli and Jay Epstien
Someone is going to have to step up before the economy can get better, says Vornado CEO Michael Fascitelli, here with DLA Piper's Jay Epstien at Tuesday's DLA Piper Global Summit. Michael says the government stalemate is causing a lack of confidence from consumers and investors, so fewer deals are getting done. There's more competition, however, on big deals where there's a high probability of getting returns.
Tom Daschle and George Mitchell
Here's two guys who might know a thing or two about leadership: former Senate Majority Leaders Tom Daschle and George Mitchell, both now with DLA Piper. They agree that bipartisanship will be needed to finally get the country out of the recession. Tom says that Congress may need a crisis to bring it together, as it had in the case of 9/11. "Congress needs to put out a five-alarm fire, then deal with fire prevention," he says. George tells us the country is very divided and we need to have competition to create job growth.
Gary Nussbaum and Rob Bagguely
Transwestern's Gary Nussbaum and Rob Bagguely are happy about their firm's newest assignment. It just landed the leasing and management contract for 200 W Madison, which was recently sold to Multi-Employer Property Trust and houses Transwestern's Chicago HQ. They formerly co-leased the building with Tishman Speyer but are excited to get to manage their own home, Rob says. Transwestern's Tamara Kos, Teddy Walsh, and Edward McKim will be the building's leasing agents.