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Summer Sizzle

WASHINGTON DC 04.18.2017


Exclusive Bisnow Reception to Follow Panels

Chris Clemente -- Comstock Partners
Minh Le -- Gramercy District
Brian Cullen -- Keane Enterprises
Summer Sizzle
Summer Sizzle
Next, we hit up Zella's in Lincoln Park, for the NAIOP Young Leaders Summer Sizzle event and found ProLogis' Rami Peltz,  Wells Fargo's Michelle Neuerman,  and AMLI Residential's James McCormick. Michelle is working on financing for a self-storage company in Canada, while James is doing dispositions and joint ventures on a few properties. He's also working on his tennis game at the East Bank Club, if anyone wants to join.
Summer Sizzle

Did V3 Companies? Nathan Groff sneak in?! We guess no wristband is no problem when one considers the real world struggles we face, as told to us by the Krusinski Construction team: First, it was too cold to golf, now it's too hot. That insight is from Michael MetzJeff Krusinski, and Andrew Johnson, here talking about projects they're working on while not fighting the 18-hole elements. They include a synagogue in the suburbs, a new labor union training center at 290 and Central Avenue in the city, and a project with Honeywell along I-55 in Bolingbrook.