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Spotlight: Lifestart Wellness Network

Spotlight: Lifestart Wellness Network
Lifestart Wellness Network prez Mike Flanagan
Lifestart Wellness Network prez Mike Flanagan says that the economic downturn has been good for his business, operating fitness and wellness centers in corporate locations. As landlords fight fiercely for new tenants, the Lifestart amenity has become as appealing as a runner’s high. Mike says that his company offers more than unmanned fitness centers: Lifestart has managed, comprehensive centers featuring preventative care, training, and counseling; services from flu shots to full cholesterol screens; nutritional programs; and physical therapy (over 100 programs in all). It has 32 centers in five states and expects to expand into Georgia and Texas. Its partners include developers Tishman Speyer , The John Buck Co, Lincoln Properties, and Hines. PepsiCo is on its impressive client list. For more info on our sponsor, click here.