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Show and Tell

WASHINGTON DC 06.27.2017


Matt Bronfman -- Jamestown Properties
Anthony Lanier -- EastBanc
Herb Miller -- Western Development
Show and Tell
Show and Tell

Last night, we learned that Pecha Kucha (pronounced pechak-a-cha) is the Japanese phrase meaning chit-chat, and also the name of the event where we found Valerio Dewalt Train's Matt Dumich, Till Creative's Jessica Lybeck  and independent architect Victor Pe a of the Young Architect's Forum. Hosted at Martyr's, it allows ten people to present on whatever topic they choose in 20 slides, each of which is shown for 20 seconds. It attracts a range of creative and artistic talent, and Matt recommends one YAF'er each month to participate as part of its monthly happy hours.

Show and Tell
Architectureisfun's Peter Exley  hosted and presented his 400 seconds on a recent business trip to Brazil. (His other projects here at home include the Pritzker Family Children's Zoo and the DuPage Children's Museum.) His presentation focused mostly on the artful sidewalks in Rio de Janeiro and how people interacted with them. YAF's Eyl l Kath da also presented on how motion can influence architecture. Sure beats dad's slides from summer vacation.
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