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Laura Friedl
Levenfeld Pearlstein attorney Laura Friedel says sometimes reaction counts more than action when it comes to social media. Yesterday, Laura spoke at IREM's Chapter luncheon at Gibson's and warned company owners that employees are allowed to talk about working conditions and their supervisors on Facebook, according to the National Labor Relations Board. Companies that have fired employees for doing so have been successfully sued. She also encouraged building managers to think before they act: an irrational response to a bad tweet can get more attention than the tweet itself. And it's illegal to compensate a tenant for a good review of your apartment building on Yelp or a positive TripAdvisor rating without disclosure: the FTC is cracking down!
Susan Hagberg, Joshua Taylor and Brandon Moore
Looking for a new, cute way to see if you have bedbugs in your building? Canine Detection & Inspection Services' Susan Hagberg, here with Draper and Kramer's Joshua Taylor and Brandon Moore can use one of her team of 24 Border collies and labs to sniff them out in as little as two minutes. Susan says there's been an increase in bedbugs in offices, often brought by employees from homes, and in retail stores, when customers return clothing or household items.