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REIA Explores Entrepreneurship

REIA Explores Entrepreneurship
Speedwagon Properties' Steve Khoshabe and Ceres Real Estate Partners' Brian Newman
To ensure youth isn't wasted on the young, REIA  Emerging Leaders welcomed entrepreneurs on Thursday to talk about how to spend life after college. Speedwagon Properties' Steve Khoshabe and Ceres Real Estate Partners' Brian Newman advised building up small investments in your 20s to build a track record. Brian also told those looking to strike out on their own to hire people who are closer to partners than employees. He says having a similar attitude as well as some investment in the company creates hard workers.
Campus Acquisitions' Rajen Shastri and Levenfeld Pearlstein's Tom Jaros
Also working hard: Campus Acquisitions' Rajen Shastri  and Levenfeld Pearlstein's Tom Jaros. Rajen just closed on two student housing properties at USC and University of Michigan and is developing two more out-of-state properties. Tom has been busy with workouts and is starting to see a few new transactions.