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Parc Huron: First Chi LEED-Gold Apartment

Parc Huron: First Chi LEED-Gold Apartment
Parc Huron's roof garden
The recently opened River North apartment complex is the first LEED-Gold apartment in the city, RMK Management Corp.'s Diana Pittro tells us. She says many potential lessees come in because of the location or amenities and find that they like the green elements, which range from the fifth-story green roof to premier parking for carpoolers, Zip Cars, and anyone with a low-emission car. The tower is about 40% leased, units ranging from $2,100-$4,200 per month.
Parc Huron
The big  windows in each unit are shaded to block light waves that would heat the unit. Other green features: sustainable flooring and Energy Star  appliances. To reduce paper use, RMK will post a TV screen near the mailboxes with announcements for residents, as well as use e-mail instead of distributing or posting fliers. RMK is also building a park adjacent to the building, opening this fall.