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NeuStep's Michael Schab, Gene Ellis, Maria Kuznetsova, Rubina Mander , Lee Syrjanen, Liam Mulholland, and Raphael Bennet

What's the best way to see a space without visiting? In lieu of becoming one of James Cameron?s avatars, NeuStep suggests its virtual Webwalk, based on hundreds of photos stitched together to create a 360 degree view. Founder Raphael Bennet (right) came up with the idea as part of a final college project. Now, with the help of Michael SchabGene EllisMaria KuznetsovaRubina Mander,Lee Syrjanen, and Liam Mulholland, he's sold hundreds of WebWalks for spaces around the world.


NeuStep's clients range from hospitality and tourism, to conventions and trade shows, including clients such as Samsung, the Champs d'Elysee, and the Chicago Auto Show. One of the top features is that you can move backward and forward, not just look around, which gives a better idea of dimensions. Michael tells us his favorite part of working at NeuStep is all the places he gets to see and photograph.

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