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More West Suburban Schmoozing

More West Suburban Schmoozing
The first-ever Bisnow State of the West Suburbs this week drew more than 275 real estate pros eager to do three things: drink coffee, listen to experts, and schmooze before going to work. (Despite our best efforts, nobody was interested in a pickup dodgeball game. C'est la vie.) We snapped pics right and left.
More West Suburban Schmoozing
We shared coffee with these gentlemen: Kimley-Horn’s Dean Antony, Executive Construction’s John Blacketor, and Kimley-Horn’s Andrew Heinen. John, president of his construction firm, tells us that business has picked up. The company does interiors, new construction, trading floors, healthcare/labs, and other specialty work.
Reznick (Industrial) MCHI
More West Suburban Schmoozing
If you use the right bait, you might catch a pretty big can of tuna. Here’s another thing we learned about Executive Construction: earlier this summer, the company successfully completed a CAN-structure at the Merchandise Mart (seen above), teaming up with Gensler and the Metro Water Reclamation District to build an image of Lake Michigan using hundreds of cans of food. The event was held to collect food for local food banks.
More West Suburban Schmoozing
Though his office is on Michigan Ave, US Urban Realty exec director James Whittington (left) told us he wanted to hear the latest about the western suburbs. Also, when Bisnow holds an event in Santiago, Chile, he’ll be there—because he is often anyway, since his company does major development projects there. Chicago International Realty’s Emmett Thiessen and Lohan Anderson’s Lisa Schmidt joined James for some early morning talk.
More West Suburban Schmoozing
Architect James Mark of Wight & Co is seen here with Construction Cost Systems’ Roshanna Tokh. Wight recently won an Emerald Award from the US Green Building Council for its efforts to reduce its environmental footprint.
More West Suburban Schmoozing
Demand is up for office furniture once more, Gunlocke’s Lauren Bagull (right) told us. (We’ve got an eye on a new office chair ourselves.) We snapped her with ConopCo Project Management’s Liz Snell and Sentinel Technology’s Tim Ryan.
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