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Limited Liability

Limited Liability
At the end of the last economic cycle, urban and suburban sprawl had become a significant issue. Now it's time to start developing more infill and brownfield sites, Jenner & Block's Steve Armstrong tells us. Thursday morning, his firm is hosting Bisnow's Midwest Brownfield Summit  in its offices at 353 N Clark. Sign up here!
Stephen Armstrong
Steve tells us today there are more ways than before to get around the legal and financial risks and liabilities  of owning a brownfield site. In addition, it is possible to find public, and in some cases, private sources of funding for the assessment and cleanup. Legislation like The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Reliability Act  and the Small Business Liability and Brownfield Revitalization Act make it easier to get funding to clean up sites and reduce risk for property owners and developers. Stephen says reusing brownfields is like a big form of recycling—getting the land back to a safe, usable state so we don't have to go farther out to develop more greenfields. (Start printing the bumper stickers: Going green by going brown.)