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LEED Profits

LEED Profits
While it may seem LEED-Platinum is even harder to obtain than, say, a Nobel Peace Prize  the resulting profits make it worth the effort, according to The Chicago Climate Exchange's Tom Cushing, who addressed CoreNet members at Maggiano's yesterday.
The Chicago Climate Exchange's Tom Cushing addresses Corenet

CCE is a non-profit that helps companies reduce emissions so others can buy their carbon credits. Also on the panel were IFF's David Reynolds  and JMB Properties' Patrick Meara, who says JMB has saved over $1 million on energy since joining CCE. He encouraged building owners to pick low hanging fruit, like reprogramming lights that haven't been set since 1989 and still turn on at 6 am.

Desman Associate's David Taxman, Lower Electrics Ira Holtzman, Pepper Construction's Matthew Rebro, Jones Lang LaSalle's Ewa Weir, and IFF's Liz Reyes at CoreNet Meeting

Desman Associate's David Taxman, Lower Electrics Ira Holtzman, Pepper Construction's  Matthew Rebro,  Jones Lang LaSalle's Ewa Weir, and IFF's Liz Reyes. Matthew's firm just won a GSA contract naming it one of five companies ready for any work in the Great Lakes  region. He anticipates most of it will be renovations of old HVAC systems to create less wasteful buildings.