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IFMA's Irish holidays

IFMA's Irish holidays
TAB's Susan Peterson, ECOlogic's Drew Bishop, and DryerVent Wizard's Joe Enzenberger at Poag Mahone's for IFMA Holiday party

Cold weather couldn't stop the International Facility Management Association from getting pints at Poag Mahone's  on Thursday; we snapped TAB's Susan Peterson, ECOlogic's Drew Bishop, and DryerVent Wizard's Joe Enzenberger. Drew is planning activities for IFMA next year, including webinars, so people don't have to spend so much getting to events, and the IFMA Shuffle, where members can network and tour showrooms at the Mart.

Himes Associates' Sheila Sipes, Carr Workplaces' Julie McHale, and willdesignforyou's Will Mendoza at Poag Mahone's for IFMA holiday party

Himes Associates' Sheila Sipes, Carr Workplaces' Julie McHale, and willdesignforyou's Will Mendoza also joined. Sheila's company just got a new build-out assignment for ServCorp Executive Office Suites at 155 N. Wacker. And if Julie's company name threw you, it's because the name just changed from Preferred Offices, after merging with a DC-based company.