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IFMA Checks Out What's Brewing

IFMA Checks Out What's Brewing
Tim Miller, Mr. Davids' Valerie Wirtz and Kayhan International's Jim Idstein
Kudos to whoever schedules IFMA events. Last night, IFMA-Northern Illinois Members gathered at at Two Brothers Brewing Co. in Warrenville to tour the facility and network. We snapped Tim Miller, Mr. Davids' Valerie Wirtz, and Kayhan International's Jim Idstein sampling the product. Tim is looking for new opportunities after working for  CalamosKayhan  just finished up the furniture design for Adler School of Psychology in River North.
Two Brothers warehouse
The most important thing about managing a brewery? Cleanliness, says a Two Brothers rep. All of the  tubes, casksand kegs in the former gymnastics warehouse have to be kept sanitary, so every batch of  the microbrews tastes the same. And those looking for new opportunities might want to take a page out of Two Brothers' book: Company founders Jim and Jason Ebel were once a lawyer and an architect, respectively, before they branched off into beer. Two Brothers' distributed more than  10,000 barrels last year.