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Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary!
Happy Anniversary!

And you thought we forgot. Principle Construction's Jim Brucato, right, celebrated the firm's 10th anniversary with help from Harris Architects' Rick Harris and Jacob & Hefner's Jeff Jacob. Jim and business partner Mark Augustyn  founded Principle in 1999 (but you math wizards knew that) in a 600 SF space in the suburbs. After deciding Augustyn Brocato sounded like a law firm, they decided to go with a name that matched their core ideas.

Happy Anniversary!

RAM Fire Protection Inc's Raj Mahal  and Brian Rippengale  flank Principle's Mark Frane  and James Molzahn, now more appreciative of Principle's current 5k-SF space in Bannockburn, considering how the company began. Mark's been with the firm nine of its ten years. His favorite project: Experiencia, a reality-based learning campus for children in the West Loop. It included building mini-sized facades of businesses off-site, hauling them in, and assembling on-site. He says he felt like a giant in his own little city.

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