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Green for Green

WASHINGTON DC 06.15.2017


Development, Leasing, Design and the Impact of Regulatory Reform

Paula Crowley -- Anchor Health Properties
Gill Wylie -- Johns Hopkins Medical Management Corporation
Charles Weinstein -- ​Children's National Medical Center
Green for Green
Green for Green
Yesterday, USGBC's West Suburban Chapter also talked sustainability,  at its ?Building Green for Municipalities? at Cantigny in Wheaton. Illinois DCEO's Carol Kulek,  Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation's Bob Romo, and Siemen's Ari Kobb  talked about Dept. of Energy grants for cities over 35,000 and private grants for solar PV panels. Bob reminded attendees to be realistic about Illinois wind and solar profiles, which aren't as good as on the coasts. But he thinks solar energy will be par for the course by 2014.
Green for Green

OMWorkspace's Connie Mottley  and KJWW Engineering Consultant's Gisela Saucedo  and Adam McMillen have been working on a lot of public projects during the downturn. Gisela and Adam cited the Byron Library and the College of DuPage, which is pursuing LEED Gold.

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