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Green For Life

Green For Life
Wight & Co. Lois Vitt Sale

Lois Vitt Sale has returned to Wight & Co. as the new Chief Sustainability Officer, after a three-year hiatus to start her own company and work for an international design and consulting firm. But Lois isn't new to sustainability. In '97, she worked on one of the nation's  first LEED buildings, the Bachelor Enlisted Quarters at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center. In her new position, she'll influence Wight's sustainability and consult on policy on local and national levels. In addition, she's co-chair of the host committee of the USGBC?s GreenBuild 2010, held in Chicago Nov 17-19.

Wight & Co. Lois Vitt Sale with worm compost pile

That would be a worm composting bin at Wight, for shredded paper and organic waste. We'll verify Lois's claim that it doesn?t smell. At home, she has a green roof over her garage and even her children understand the recycled materials and low-flow fixtures in the house. Now working with her fifth version of LEED criteria, Lois says it's become a way of life. And she's applying this lifestyle to the new Hidden Oaks Natures Center in Bolingbrook, which is Wight & Co.?s second LEED-Platinum building.