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Going, Going, Some More

Going, Going, Some More
Kennedy Wilson's Dean Cullum
Kennedy Wilson's Dean Cullum has performed four auctions throughout the country over the last week and just keeps on going. We caught up with him on Monday at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare where he auctioned  nine commercial properties, coming off of a 19-unit condo sale in Houston and commercial auctions in Florida and Georgia. Kennedy Wilson also has another auction in Las Vegas next week. Dean's been working for Kennedy Wilson for 28 years and as a  second-generation auctioneer, he started selling when he was just 16. He likes his firm because they try to educate potential bidders with a seminar and practice auction a week before the event. Over the next few weeks, Kennedy Wilson is auctioning several luxury homes via sealed bid and open outcry in California and  Hawaii for those who are tired of Chicago's negative windchills.
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