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DRESL meets Da Bulls

DRESL meets Da Bulls
Jones Lang LaSalle's Jason Trombley, ABCO Electrical Construction and Design's Guy Greco, UGL Equis' Andy Gooliak and Robert Tamillo, National Wrecking's Rob Mandell National Wrecking and Jimmy Pauley
It may be too cold to play softball, but the guys from the Downtown Real Estate Softball League met for some indoor sports at Saturday night's Bulls Game. We snapped JLL's Jason Trombley, ABCO Electrical Construction and Design's Guy Greco, UGL Equis' Andy Gooliak and Robert Tamillo, National Wrecking's Rob Mandell, and Jimmy Pauley official ringer for DRESL watching the Bulls beat the Washington Wizards at Guy's invitation. They're looking forward to the  DRESL Winter Classic next month.