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DLR Group 2030

DLR Group 2030
DLR Group's Dan Munn
The Chicago office of DLR Group gathered Friday to hear nationwide experts talk about the firm's goals for the Architecture 2030 Commitment. DLR joins more than 15 architecture firms striving toward carbon neutrality in all of its designed buildings in 2030. Here's DLR's Dan Munn explaining a new online library for posting best practices. DLR will also chart the carbon emissions of each of their projects, so architects will be able to look up the greenest projects to find new ideas.
DLR's Julianne Loue
DLR's Julianne Loue  encouraged architects to measure emissions from their buildings using the EPA website.To reach its goal, DLR plans to build mechanical systems that accommodate wind turbines, solar panels, or geothermal HVAC. Julianne hopes DLR architects will spread the word about their new green projects, such as Chicago's first LEED-Silver firehouse last year. (Maybe that's why they invited us, though we like to think they just enjoy our company.)
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