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CushWake Stampede

CushWake Stampede
It's added 30 employees in 60 days and now there aren't enough seats for current C&W employees at NBC Tower. Good thing Shawn Mobley was one of the new guys because he just helped sign a lease for much-needed office space at 200 S Wacker.
Shawn Mobley
The lease is for 40k SF two floors at C&W's new West Loop location and it will move there in early to mid-December. Shawn, formerly of Grubb (whom we snapped in his office last week) tells us he joined because it's not every day there's a managing director position open at a top-five Chicago brokerage house, especially one that's making the Windy City a growth priority. (We're certain he'll get around to decorating.)
Keefer Mini
CushWake Stampede
Next for Shawn: building up the owner-side brokerage. Cushman tenant reps are already working with big name clients like GE and Trading Technologies. With the growth of an owner rep team, through leveraging relationships in its powerhouse New York office, Shawn thinks the Chicago team can compete as one of the top three full-service firms in the city. "People aren't looking for medium-sized firms anymore," Shawn says "They're either going with a specialty broker or someone who can do it all."