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Communicating at NeoCon 2009

Communicating at NeoCon 2009
Communicating at NeoCon 2009

We stopped by the world's largest interior design convention at the Merchandise Mart this week and found interesting ideas revolving around communication, like this one at the Harrington College of Design booth. Harrington's Evan Scronce, Richy Quigley, Brad Kinser  and Tre Henry surveyed architects and designers' constraints by having them write them on a name tag and stick it to the giant name tag wall. The most popular responses were ?time? and ?cost,? although Brad said a few people put the obvious, ?client.?

Communicating at NeoCon 2009

Designer Pages' Avi Flombaum  and Jake Slevin used Twitter to show off their free catalog website where distributors can display furniture for architects and designers to find deals. The site is funded by contextual search advertising and has been around for over two years. Jake and Ari were the only employees for most of that and launched at NeoCon in Baltimore. They now have more than 135k distributors signed on.

Communicating at NeoCon 2009
Yes, they're sitting on cardboard fold-outs. Molo's Adam Sharkey  and Stephanie Forsythe  show off their product to DuPont's Elizabeth Lawson (center). The sturdy cardboard supports the weight of an average person and is made in several heights and lengths to create anything from a nightstand to a paper wall. It's also recyclable. A new feature: holes punched through the center of each piece of molo, so you can add LED lighting.
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