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ComEd’s Industrial Systems Incentives

ComEd’s Industrial Systems Incentives
omEd's Jay Amundson
ComEd’s Industrial Systems Comprehensive Study offers expert analysis of your industrial compressed air, refrigeration, and process cooling systems by a qualified service provider at no cost. It’s part of the ComEd Smart Ideas for Your Business program. Smart Ideas senior outreach coordinator Jay Amundson explains: first, service providers analyze your system’s energy performance, looking for every possible way that energy usage can be improved. Identified energy-efficiency improvements then become projects targeted for savings and potentially eligible for cash incentives. Offered incentives can help offset a portion of implementation costs of projects identified in the Industrial Systems Comprehensive Study. The more opportunities identified for energy savings means the more opportunity for cash incentives. Plus, there’s an additional 10% bonus opportunity for those who act now! If a study application is accepted by Nov. 30, 2012 and the mutually agreed upon improvements are implemented by May 1, 2013, the customer is eligible for an additional 10% incentive. For more info on the program, visit
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