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CREWsin' TOWARD 2040

CREWsin' TOWARD 2040
Jones Day's Susan Matejcak and Anna Meyer at Maggiano?s for a CREW lunch
Yesterday, we snapped Jones Day's Susan Matejcak and Anna Meyer  at Maggiano?s for a CREW lunch on Chicago 2040, a new initiative to determine economic development patterns for the six-county area over the next 30 years. Just in case we can't wait  that long for news, Susan tells us she helped close the largest office deal in Boston last year at Independence Wharf.
@properties' Jeanne Peck interviewing Chicago 2040's Randy Blankenhorn

We've become so attached to those chairs, we feel they belong next to Archie Bunker?s in the Smithsonian. @properties' Jeanne Peck interviewed Chicago 2040's Randy Blankenhorn  on the details of the new plan. Randy projects that the population of the Chicago MSA will grow by 2.8 million people over the next 30 years, but only 1.5 million jobs. He encouraged communities to join together to help bring jobs to the region, rather than focusing on which municipality they went to. He also hopes the  state government  will find a way to tax businesses that is fair and still provides necessary services, like expanded public transit and schools.