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CREW Careers

CREW Careers
CREW Members teaching young women

What did you want to be when you grew up? CREW helped 38 girls from the Off The Street Club and Walter Payton High learn more about brokerage, architecture, law, construction, and property management at its third annual CREW Careers day on Saturday. Mauge's Ginna Ryan and Wight & Co's Amy Lakhani showed the girls different ways to design office space in the architecture room.

Argianas and Associates' Karen Stoker and Levenfield Pearlstein's Amy Mahone at CREW Career Day

Argianas and Associates' Karen Stoker and Levenfield Pearlstein's Amy Mahone organized the event, where groups were challenged to, with the help of CREW brokers, find and build an office. The girls also toured raw space in the Chicago Title building (no, you can't count these toward your 4Q totals) and learned how to make presentations to their tenant clients.