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CAR Women; Jeanne Gang; Broker Boxing

CAR Women; Jeanne Gang; Broker Boxing
Yesterday started out very ladylike, escalated into some bad-mouthing of the lending market, and ended with some fistfights.
CAR Women; Jeanne Gang; Broker Boxing
At Maggiano?s yesterday, the Chicago Association of Reator's Commercial Forum nabbed Pugh, Jones, Johnson, Quandt, PC's LaVon High  and Charter One Bank's Trish Kelly  to speak on the challenges, and advantages, of gender in business. (Also speaking: Millbrook Corporate Real Estate's  Goldie B. Wolfe Miller, J.F. McKinney's Andrea Saewitz and Cheryl Stein, Inc.'s Cheryl Stein.) ?It took a while for people to realize I wasn't the administrative assistant or the paralegal,? LaVon says. ?But once people saw I what I was doing, I was more memorable than a lot of the other lawyers.?
CAR Women; Jeanne Gang; Broker Boxing
These ladies are quite memorable already: First Western Properties' Charmaine Bautista, American Invsco's Natasha Hendrix, and Weichert Realtors Randi Paris, who works mostly in residential but has a client in Bridgeport looking to branch into commercial properties. Randi reports that it's expensive to buy in that area right now, but what else would you expect in da Mayor's neighborhood?
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