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Back to the Future

Back to the Future
George Pappageorge and Timothy Kent
One hundred and fifty years ago (even before the Internet), George Pullman created a mixed-use community on the South Side for his workers to build Pullman rail cars. Now Pappageorge Haymes architects George Pappageorge and Timothy Kent are focusing on a 400-700 home, mixed-use development called Pullman Park, on the same site, just west of the Bishop Ford between 111th and 103rd. David Doig and Park Bank Initiatives are developing the project. No GC has been hired yet. They tell us the development will bring back the creativity that George Pullman put into his town. George Pappageorge tells us he wants to emphasize diversity by transforming the retail desert into a planned community, with the city's first Wal-Mart, already approved this summer.
Pullman Park Plans
Their goals include a vibrant neighborhood retail corridor  using the buildings on the new community's south end as a gateway. They anticipate constructing roundabouts  to calm traffic, an alley system that is wider than normal, and an efficient, storm-water system. George is also creating recreational sites such as a 10-acre park and the Bright Line building, a former industrial building that will be used for indoor recreation. Phase I of the project is just getting started, with the Wal-Mart breaking ground in early 2012.