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At a YREP lunch yesterday at DePaul, Wrightwood Capital's Bruce Cohen speaks
Meanwhile, at a YREP lunch yesterday at DePaul, Wrightwood Capital's Bruce Cohen explained how he went about starting his own company and raising capital. Bruce says he first built trust trying to set up an industrial fund for a friend he met on a ski trip. The fund never came together, but Bruce's hard work helped him build contacts to get funds together in the future. He encouraged young professionals to make a compelling case for why someone should invest in them because “people like us” is not adequate. Try creating trusted contacts who can speak for you, he urged
Bennett Webster, Foresite Realty's Isaiah Harf, and Parkland Financial Advisors' Elena Unger

Also on hand: Bennett Webster, Foresite Realty's Isaiah Harf,  and Parkland Financial Advisors' Elena Unger.  Isaiah is working on distressed assets, but most outside of Illinois in states like Ohio and Wisconsin. Elena is trying to make contacts to help her move into the city.