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Architecture Plus
Wight & Co's Sudesh Saraf in front of large sign with a plus sign

We're no Dan Brown, but sticking Sudesh Saraf  in front of a plus sign is our attempt at symbolism. Darien-based Wight & Co, with 70 years in architecture, is adding an in-house MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection engineering) department and hired Sudesh, most recently with  KJWW Engineering, to help build it. He's already working on projects like Hidden Oaks Nature Center in Bolingbrook and schools in the western suburbs to create more energy efficient and sustainable systems for the buildings.

Sudesh Saraf

Sudesh has experience with sustainable building features such as photovoltaic, solar thermal, and geothermal heating systems, but says he hopes to learn more and likes Wight's commitment to sustainability. (When he graduated from Illinois Institute of Technology, he wanted to work for a car manufacturer, but we guess he's reformed now.) He's already taking work home with him: Sudesh is considering heating his water with a photovoltaic solar thermal system. He hopes architects will feel more comfortable asking engineering questions early in the process, now that the engineers are sharing the same office space.