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April Showers Bring YREP, too

April Showers Bring YREP, too
LAZ Parking's Andrew Carlson, RML Capital's Michael Heaney and Paramount Lodging Advisors' Kevin Down.
At YREP's spring networking at District Bar in River North Thursday, we snapped LAZ Parking's Andrew Carlson, RML Capital's Michael Heaney, and Paramount Lodging Advisors' Kevin Down. Andrew says he's working on a presentation for a 900-car garage in downtown St. Louis. Kevin says Paramount hopes to capitalize by making lemonade out of upcoming hotel foreclosures in Chicago.
Glasdstone Special Asset Solutions' Adam Dontz, Freedom Title Co.'s Michael Wood and Bryce Downey & Lenkov's Dennis Winkler

Gladstone Special Asset Solutions' Adam Dontz, Freedom Title Co.'s Michael Wood, and Bryce Downey & Lenkov's Dennis Winkler toasted Michael and Dennis' upcoming 11-condo, 17-townhome project at Home and South in Oak Park.  They're hoping to draw in buyers who want to live near the Metra  to avoid the construction on the Eisenhower that's blocking up traffic from the western suburbs to downtown.