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And CREW Too

And CREW Too
Vedder Price's Pearl Zager and Sheridan Park Constulting's Jackie Loewe
CREW's Last Call for Fall  at the Aqua Tower brought together members for cocktail, silent auction, and music. We snapped Vedder Price's  Pearl Zager and Sheridan Park Consulting's Jackie Loewe. Jackie recently started her own company and is helping clients with business development.
CDI Construction Group's Laurie Price, BPG Properties Kelly Curtis Gibbel and Zifkin Realty's Yvonne Jones welcomed a guy to the club in Zifkin's Lee Herbert
CDI Construction Group's Laurie Price, BPG Properties Kelly Curtis Gibbel, and Zifkin Realty's  Yvonne Jones welcomed an outnumbered man, Zifkin's Lee Herbert. Laurie says her company is working on construction of a new LEED certified retail center at Peterson and Pulaski.