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CoStar's Brian Kerns, Global Realty Services Group's Julie Sorenson, Bedford Cost Segregation's Jan Fiola, and mindcrest's Christine Brown at 21 Club event

Invitation-only 21 Club sounds like an illicit gambling club; it's not, but it did take a risk by welcoming real estate professionals to its meeting last night at 2 N. LaSalle. (The risk being not buying enough chips and dip.) We snapped CoStar's Brian Kerns, Global Realty Services Group's Julie Sorenson, Bedford Cost Segregation's Jan Fiola, and mindcrest's Christine Brown. Brian and Christine let everyone know they're hiring, and Jan is helping companies lower their taxes while also starting as CREW president  in January.

Neal, Gerber and Eisenberg's Bruce Fox: Larson & Darby Group's Matthew Vickery, and Reputation Partners' Nick Kalm

We found two of the tallest guys in the room flanking Neal, Gerber and Eisenberg's Bruce Fox: Larson & Darby Group's Matthew Vickery and Reputation Partners' Nick Kalm.  Matthew is working on 200-acre wind farm project in Charleston for German company Allstrom, while Nick's company is doing PR for U.S. Equities.